Telangana Elections 2018 an over view.


 Now after the Election results are declared it is very clearly known to everyone that the Telangana Rastra Samithi has won the elections with thumping majority with the support of the people of Telangana. All the other parties could not win the confidence of the people except in some pockets of the State. IT IS A ONE SIDE WAR. KCR is the person who is loved by the people and they have full faith in him and his party. Not only that, the people have defeated some of the MLAs and Ministers, who did not do their job. They were rejected straight away.  That’s very good judgement by the Telangana people.  

DISCREPANCY IN VOTES. It is observed very clearly that the names of so many people are removed from the voters list for obvious reasons, let me not go in to the details of that. But, it is very clear that the Authorities have failed in preparing a fool proof Voters List for this Elections. Just with the APOLOGY of the CEO nothing happens to the people who could not tender their Vote. Thousands of people have returned back from the Polling Booth in despair, including myself, when the name was not found in the list there. A strong action has to be taken up by the Election Commission to ensure that all the Citizens living in that particular area are given the Voter ID Cards. It is also the duty of the Citizens to check the availability of their vote in the constituency where they are living. My personal opinion is that the GOI/Election Commission of India should make it MANDATORY for all the Citizens, to cast their Vote, to claim any benefits from the Governments.                         NO VOTING – NO BENEFITS.

VOTING PATTERN. In many places the voters turnout was very good. But in some places the voters did not come to the polling booths. When we see the details of the Votes polled in some constituencies, the total polled votes are between 50-60 thousands only. I am surprised to see that in some places the person getting 50 thousand plus votes have won the seat, while a candidate getting more than 80-90 thousands has lost the election. The margin of winning and losing is very less, when compared to other places. There is no uniformity except supporting TRS in almost all Villages and Towns.  

CONGRATULATE NEW GOVERNMENT. The New Government is going to take charge tomorrow. Let us Congratulate Sri K.Chandra Sekhar Rao and his team with best wishes for the next Five Years. We are hopeful that the New Government will fulfill all the promises made before the Elections and Satisfy most of the people of our Telangana State.


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Telangana Elections -6

Now the votes are polled. The decision of the people of Telangana is sealed in the ballot boxes till 11th morning. We will know the results on that day. 

Lot of Exit polls are coming out. Except the survey of former MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, everyone says TRS will get majority and forms the next Government. But, Rajagopal’s survey says Congress group will get the majority and forms the new Government in Telangana. Not very sure about his opinion.  Let us wait till 11th December 2018, we will know the mandate of Telangana people. Though there were some issues of missing votes in many polling booths, more or less the polling went of peacefully. This missing or removal of names from the voters lists has to be rectified and EC should take responsibility of that.  

The Election Commissioner said the polling was little over 67%, which may go up to 69-70% after getting the information from all the centers. But, the unfortunate thing to note is that the polling in Hyderabad far less than the Towns and villages in the State.  Government has declared holiday today in view of the Elections. Many of the Private Institutions and IT Companies have given permission to it’s employees to go to the Polling booth to exercise their franchise. Then why the so called Educated and white colored people have turned out to the Election Booths.  Why they did not go to the polling station. How they decided to enjoy a long week end. Are they  responsible  citizens ?? They have to respect for our Constitution, which gave us the right to elect a popular Government. How can they ignore the noble opportunity. Shame on them, who prefer to enjoy a holiday, instead of electing a  Correct Government which rules the State for next FIVE YEARS.   

Those people have no right to question who do not perform their duty. They need to fulfill their responsibility first. If they do not act to choose the Government of their choice, they have no right to question the decision of the majority people who have elected their own Government.   People need to be more educated. Every Adult should have Voter ID.  They should make voting compulsory to claim any benefits from the Government. 

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Telangana Elections – 5

Be aware of the candidate who changed the party on the last day of nominations.

We have almost come to the end of campaign for the present elections, with less than 24 hours time left now. TRS, Congress, TDP, BJP and other parties are at the peak of their election campaign. They are not leaving any chance to meet the persons individually and impress them as much as possible. People are getting confused with the promises made by all these parties. But the tall promises made by them are very impracticable, not achievable by any means. Each of these parties are blaming the other party and asking the people to vote for their party only.

We have observed many Candidates have changed the parties in the last moment and joined other party. TRS/TDP/BJP/Congress to TRS/BJP and vice versa, whomsoever did not get a seat from his old party.  What they do if they win and their party doesn’t come to power after the elections. Will they continue with the party or jump to the Ruling party…………. Most probably, they will JUMP to Ruling party. 

Hence, my request to all of you – Please do not vote to such persons who changed the party on the date of filing the nominations. Let us not give chance for such persons who deceive their own party and public who voted them.       

MLAs should continue with the party from which they won the Election.  



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Telangana Elections – 4

We are slowly coming to the end of the Election Campaign. We have entered into December now, left with only another 4-5 days for electioneering and canvass. All parties are putting their best efforts by bringing their TOP leaders to convince the Voters in the last few days. How far they will be successful, will be known on 11th December’18.  

After the Elections in 2014 the TRS has attracted all the MLAs from the Opposition parties and took them into their party. MLAs from TDP, Congress and Communists have joined the Government party.  Some of them were given Ministry also. The people who had voted to the opposition parties were deceived. Let us wait and see, what happens if TRS comes back into power this time. Will they take all the opposition party MLAs back into TRS party once again. 

May be, at that time they had the compulsion to stabilize their party and run the Government without any problem. It was essential for them after the Note to Vote case. I don’t expect any thing like that after this elections.  They had managed the Anti defection law to suit to their needs. 

It is not correct for the MLAs to betray the  party which gave them the B For and deceive the people who voted them because of a specific party. Hope the MLAs will follow this principle of democracy and respect the people’s mandate. 

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Telangana Elections – 3

TRS and Mahakootami have increased the pace of their campaign in the State. BJP has brought their big Leader, the Prime Minister, Modi besides Amith Shaw to canvass for their party.  KCR is going from place to place and leading the campaign from the front. He is the main person for TRS with KTR and Harish Rao supporting him. He is trying to educate the public by telling what he had done during his tenure and what TRS is going to do if they come back to power. KCR is not sparing anyone in criticizing including Modi, Rahul and more on Chandra Babu.  It looks like he is more worried about the presence of Babu in the State. He knows his mentality very well having worked with him for long time in TDP.  He is angry on Rahul too, because TRS was fighting with Congress only to get the State Hood for Telangana. TRS anyway has the support of MIM both directly and indirectly.

From BJP, Modi in his two meetings in the state  tried to make an impact of his words, but, gave a chance to KCR/KTR to criticise. Amith Shaw tried to make this an opportunity to criticize MIM, put his mind. He is right, as TRS or Congress will not fight with MIM. I don’t think BJP is very much against TRS except fighting the Elections.  They are NOT very much hopeful of getting a chance to form the Government in Telangana.  It will be great if they can improve their seats and get at least double digit. 

Coming to Mahakootami of Congress, TDP, CPI and TJS have increased their speed. Rahul Gandhi came 2nd time to the State. This time he shared the dais with Babu and tried impress they they are working together in the State. It is essential for Babu to fight with BJP in Center, from which he came out, rather than a place in Telangana. Babu needs strong support of Congress to bank up on for his future. Now he is BIG ENEMY for BJP, Modi & Shaw.  Rahul and Babu have toured many places in the State and City vooing the public that they will form the Government and through TRS out of Power. But, they have a threat behind them, if they don’t form the Government, the few MLAs who win the seats now, will join TRS Govt once again.  So, they are putting all efforts to snatch seats from TRS this time. It is now or never situation for Babu in Telangana, because, in case if he loses power in AP also in next Elections, it is almost an end of his political career. So he is more worried, than Rahul, who is very young comparatively. Rahul has more time to fight.  

Now, it is the people of Telangana to decide and vote to the Party,  which they think will do good for them in future. They need to assess what was promised and what was given during the last 51 months regime of TRS. Parties make very TALL promises, but how many the can really fulfill.

Everybody is forgetting why and how the Governments gives every thing free and free..Whose money it is.. It is the amount of TAX Payers, who paid from their earnings. They are paying HEAVY TAXES from their hard earnings.  If the Governments give every thing free and free, then who will work, or why should they work. This is spoiling the thinking of entire youth in the Country and effecting the economy of the Nation. 

Give things free only to those people who can not work.. to those who lost their crops in heavy rains, storms or natural calamities. Give proper justified price for the crops of farmers. If they get the right price for their products, the do not need anything free and free. They are not beggars. Don’t make them to beg. Help them, support them.  That’s all. They are the back bone our Nation, RESPECT them.   They have their self respect. Unfortunately all parties are making false promises to win the Elections and come to power. 


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Telangana Elections -2

Now the election campaign has picked up the momentum after Sonia Gandhi came to Hyderabad and addressed people in a Public meeting at Medchal. She was little emotional having come for the first time to the new state of Telangana after it’s formation. Her emotional and sentiment filled words have created some swing towards the Mahakutami. Let us wait and see how far this sentiment will bring the public to the election booths and convert them as votes for Mahakutami.

Now KCR has changed his voice and directly attacking Sonia and Babu after that meeting and trying to attract the public. However, he is confident that the Congress grouped with TDP, CPI and TJS will not get seats in double digit. I also feel the same. Why the people of Telangana should vote to TDP, Congress or CPI or TJS ? Even if some of them one win some seats, they will later on join the ruling party in any case. We have all seen what happened with the MLAs of opposition parties who won in 2014. Many of those MLAs have joined the ruling TRS and some were made Ministers too. There was literally no Opposition in the last Assembly, except few Congress MLAs, who were made to sit quite or dismissed by a majority vote.

The Anti defection  law was made a mockery in the Assemblies. The letters given by the opposition parties against the defection were kept in the cold storage, with out any decision. This is same case in some others States apart from Telangana. You can understand seriousness of this problem, which was pointed out by even the Vice President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu also on some occasions. Though our Democracy is strong, it is not STRONG ENOUGH to curb such loopholes in the system. The decisions have to be controlled by the SYSTEM and not the individuals to the benefit of the Ruling Party. A very important issue to be looked into by all the parties immediately, to uplift democratic values in our Country.

Friends that’s all for now.. will catch up soon..


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Telangana Elections -1

Good evening friends. I am back after quiet some time. Missing you all.

Now its time for Elections in Telangana State.  Wold like to share some of my feelings and observations about the present elections in 2-3 article per week, till the formation of New Government. Hope you like my views. Request your feed back for improvement.

The new Telangana State is going to witness 2nd elections after the formation of this 29th State. The KCR lead TRS is going like a super fast train. But the twin leader lead Maha Kutami (lead by Rajul and Babu) is still struggling to adjust the candidates even after date of filing the nominations is over. I don’t think they are able believe each other really. This is just a face saving exercise for TDP and Congress. Actually there is no necessity for TDP to waste it’s energy, time and resources in Telangana.  AS there is no strong or senior leader for the Party now in Telangana. Important point of concern is, even if some one wins the elections from TDP/Congress/TRS, they will, for sure, will go and join the ruling party after the elections, whatever may be the Ruling Party. Then why should we vote them, when they leave the party and join the ruling party. They have no respect for the party which gave them a seat and do not give any value for the people who voted to them.

I am not surprised to see the candidates who filed their nominations in the last minute. People are so fond of the MLA post. They want to become MLA by hook or crook. MLA post has so lucrative at present. They don’t bother what people think. They are ready to join any party as they want to get a seat and win the election. No morals, no principles no shame to change and join any party. Till yesterday they were criticizing those parties and suddenly they wear their Shawl and fight elections against the party with which they were travelling for years.

KCR is 100% sure of his coming back to power once again. We will only see his future plans after the elections or before the next Parliament Elections. TRS is single person party. No other person can say anything. Whatever KCR thinks and says it will be the Order of the Day.  Of course, some time it is important for the leader to be strict and strong. Otherwise, what happens we are seeing in Congress. Everyone is a leader. NO control, no system. May be it looks, he is little over confident. He is sometimes working like a Dictator. NO second person. It may be Good for some time in the initial days of the party, to put it straight, but not forever. We are in Democracy. One need to have the patience to appreciate the opposition, since they are also elected by the people.  They are the members of opposition party but not your personal enemies.  Over confidence and fear of losing will make them behave like that. But, a Leader has to over come that, to raise high in public view.

Even though, each party calls the other Party is family business, all are of the same type. To be frank except BJP all parties are run by the family members only. They are afraid that if they allow some one to raise in the party, they will take away their power and money. Starting a Political Party is also business, something like a Company and Industry. NO need to worry. Your investment is only people and you reap cash in the course of running the party. I was going through the details of the Candidates who filed their nominations during the last one week. Their income and wealth grown like any thing. There are very few persons whose income did not grow from the last elections. NO surprise, everyone wants to join politics, including highly educated and foreign returns. It is clear from the records submitted to EC.

 So, friends, its bye for now. will catch up again.






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Do a mistake if…

నాకు బాగా గుర్తు – మా తండ్రి గారు చెప్పే వారు – ఎవరైనా వాళ్ళ  ఇంట్లో ఏదైనా శుభ కార్యానికి రమ్మని ఆహ్వానిస్తే తప్పకుండా వెళ్ళాలి. తగిన కానుకలు ఇవ్వాలి. అయితే పిలవకుండా వెళ్ళనే కూడదు. మనము వెళ్లక పొతే, అక్కడ చాలా మంది మనగురించే చర్చిస్తారు. మనము గనుక వెళితే,  అటువంటి చర్చలకు  అవకాశము వుండదు కదా.  ఇంకొక ముఖ్య విషయం మధ్య మధ్యలో కలుస్తూ ఉంటేనే బంధుత్వాలు గట్టి పడతాయి. out  of  sight  – out  of  mind  అంటారు కదా.

అంతే కాదు, మనకు కావలసిన వారు, తెలిసిన వారు ఎవరైనా ఆపదలో వుంటే, కష్టంలో వుంటే తెలిసిన వెంటనే వెళ్ళాలి. అటువంటి ఆపద సమయంలో పిలుపు కోసం ఎదురు చూడవద్దు. చేతనైన సహాయం అవసరాన్ని బట్టి చెయ్యాలి. అటువంటి సమయంలో దగ్గర వుండి ధైర్యం చెప్పటం, అండగా నిలబడటం చాల అవసరం. అది వాళ్ళు గుర్తు ఉంచు కుంటారు. పెళ్ళికి వచ్చిన వారని అందరిని గుర్తు పెట్టుకోక పోయినా, కష్టం లో వచ్చిన వారిని మాత్రం మర్చి పోరు. సహాయం చేసేటప్పుడు కులం, మతం, బంధుత్వం గురించి ఆలోచించవద్దు. ఒక్క మానవతా ద్రుఖ్పధం మాత్రమె ఇక్కడ ముఖ్యం. అంతే కాదు అది భగవంతుడు కూడా మెచ్చుకుంటాడు. ఇంకేమి కావాలి.

ఈ రెండు విషయాలు మాత్రము నేను వీలైనంత వరకు పాటిస్తూ వున్నాను.

మరొక ముఖ్య విషయం మా తండ్రి గారి గురించి. వారి జీవితాన్ని చాలా జాగ్రత్తగా పరిశీలించాను. నాకు వారిలో ఒక ద్రోణాచార్యులు కనిపించారు. ఎందుకు చెబుతున్నాను అంతే, వారికి సంతానము కొంచము ఆలస్యంగా కలిగింది. ఆరోజుల్లో అన్నదమ్ముల కుటుంబాలు అన్ని కలిసే ఉండేవి కదా. అందుచేత  మా తల్లిదండ్రులు మా పెద్దనాన్న గారి పిల్లలను అందరినీ తమ పిల్లలు గానే ప్రేమాభిమానాలతో పెంచారు.వారందరూ కూడా పిన్ని బాబాయి గార్లు అంతే అంతే వినయ విధేయతలు, గౌరవాభిమానాలు చూపించే వారు. మా తండ్రి గారికి సంతానము కలిగే సరికి, అన్న గారి పిల్లలు పెరిగి పెద్ద వారయి రెక్కలు వచ్చి వెళ్లి పోయారు. మా పెంపకం వచ్చే సరికి సరి అయిన ఆదాయ వనరులు లేక ఆర్ధికంగా చితికి పోయారు. కానీ చాలా అనురాగంతో తమ కష్టం తెలియకుండా పెంచారు. వారి శక్తి మేరకు చక్కని విద్యా బుద్ధులు నేర్పించారు.

మరి ముందు ద్రోణాచార్యులు తో ఎందుకు పోలిక ఆంటే, ద్రోణాచార్యులు గారు తన ధనుర్విద్యా ప్రావీణ్యం అంటా తన శిష్యుడు  పాండవ మధ్యముడు అయిన అర్జునికి నేర్పించారు కాని తన కొడుకైన అశ్వథామను ధనుర్విద్యా పారంగతుని గా చెయ్యలేదు కదా.ఎవరికీ ఏది ప్రాప్తమో అదీ వారికి దక్కుతుంది కదా.


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Do a mistake if it helps some one

తప్పనిసరి అయితే తప్పు చెయ్యొచ్చు..
అవును ఇది నేను అనుభవ పూర్వకంగా తెలుసుకుని చెబుతున్నదే. ఒక మంచి పని చెయ్యటానికి, ఒకరికి సహాయం చెయ్యటానికి, ఎవరికైన ప్రాణాపాయ పరిస్తితి కలిగినప్పుడు వారికి మేలు చెయ్యటానికి మనము ఒక చిన్న తప్పు చెయ్యవలసి వస్తే .. నిరభ్యన్తరముగ చెయ్య వచ్చు. చెయ్యాలి కూడా. ఒక చిన్న ఉదాహరణ చూడండి..  మనము ఉన్న చోట ఏవరికైనా సడన్ గా హార్ట్ ఎటాక్   వచ్చింది  అనుకోండీ.. వారిని వెంటనే హాస్పిటల్  కి తీసుకుని వెళ్ళటానికి వెంటనే మన కారు రెడీ గా లేక పోతే ప్రక్క వారి కార్ పర్మిషన్ కోసం ఎదురు చూడకుండా రోగిని తీసుకు వెళ్ళటంలాంటిది అన్నమాట.   తరువాత వారికి సర్ది చెప్ప వచ్చు, కాక పోతే క్షమాపణా చెప్ప వచ్చు. ముందు ఒక నిండు ప్రాణం కాపాడ గలిగాము కదా. ఆది ఇక్కడ విషయం. అంతే సార్.

ఆయన దేవేంద్రుడి అంతటి పరాక్రమ వంతుడు కాదు. కుబేరుడి అంతటి ధన వంతుడు కాదు. రావణాసురిని అంతటి భక్తి పరుడు కాదు. శ్రీ రాముడి అంతటి ధర్మ పరుడు కాదు. శ్రీ కృష్ణుని అంతటి చతురుడు కాదు.  బృహస్పతి అంతటి దేవ గురువు కాదు.  కానీ ఆయన…శుక్రా చార్యుని వంటి ఆలోచనలు, సమయాస్పూర్తి, కష్టంలో ఉండి తన దగ్గరకు వచ్చిన వారికి సహాయం చేసే గుణము కలిగిన వారు, అందులోనూ కష్టం లో ఉండి మీ సహాయం కావాలి అని వస్తే ఎలాగైనా వారికి సహాయాం చెయ్యటానికి వెనుకాడని  తత్వం కలిగిన వారు. సహాయం చెయ్యాలి అని అనుకున్నప్పుడు, ఇతరులు ఏమను కుంటారో అని ఎప్పుడూ ఆలోచించే వారు కాదు. ఇతరుల మెప్పు కోసం ఎప్పుడూ ప్రాకులడె వారు కాదు. తనకు నచ్చని పని ఎవరికోసమూ చేసే వారు కాదు. అందుకే ఆయన నాకు ఆరాధ్యుడు.. ప్రాతః స్మరణీయుడు.. మీదు మిక్కిలి అత్యంత పూజ నీయుడు.  ఆయనే మా తండ్రి గారు కీర్తి శేషులు శ్రీ కొమరగిరి రామలింగేశ్వర శర్మ పాకయాజి గారు. కృష్ణా జిల్లా నందిగామ తాలూకా మక్కపేట గ్రామ కాపురస్తులు.  వైశ్వ దేవమ్ చేసి ఇరువది అయిదు సంవత్సరాలు నిత్యాగ్ని హోత్రం ఇంట నిలిపి నిత్య దేవతారాధన చేసిన కర్మ శీలి. మా తల్లి గారు కీర్తి  శేషులు శ్రీమతి కొమరగిరి సరస్వతీ దేవి గారు నిత్యాన్న దాత. ఇంటికి వచ్చిన వారు విస్తరి వెయ్యకుండా వెళ్ళింది లేదు. బంధు లోకంలోనే కాదు చుట్టు పక్కల అన్ని గ్రామాల వారు ఎందరో పై వూర్లకు పోతూ  వస్తూ మా ఇంట్లో చెయ్యి కడిగిన వారే. ఇద్దరు అన్న తమ్ములు. వారి అన్న గారు కీర్తి శేషులు శ్రీ రంగా రావు గారు. ఆరోజుల్లో జయంతి పురం రాజా గారి దగ్గర దివాన్ గా కొంత కాలం చేసేవారు. మిక్కిలి దైవ భక్తి పరులు. గాయత్రి వుపాసకులు. వారి ధర్మ పత్ని కీర్తి శేషులు శ్రీమతి రంగా నాయకమ్మ గారు. భర్తకు తగిన సతీమణి.

మా తండ్రి గారు పోస్ట్ మాస్టర్ గా, గ్రామ కరణం గా కూడా చేశారు. చాలా కాలం తెలంగాణా లో ఉన్నారు. 1920  ల్లో ఖమ్మం – వరంగల్ లో చదువుకున్నారు.  ఆరోజుల్లో తెలంగాణా లో లాండ్ సర్వే  పరీక్ష పాస్ అయిన బహు కొద్ది మందిలో మా తండ్రి గారు ఒకరు. కొంత కాలం వ్యవసాయం కూడా చేశారు. నేను కూడా బడికి పోవటానికి ముందు పోలానికి వెళ్ళి తోటకు నీళ్ళు చూసి వచ్చే వాణ్ణి. మా ప్రాంతాల్లో అప్పుడు నీటి సౌకర్యం లేదు. మా చిన్నప్పుడు కరెంటు కూడా లేదు. మోట భావులు ఉండేవి. దున్నపోతుల వ్యవసాయం. మెరప కాయలు, పొగాకు, అపరాలు వేసే వాళ్ళం.  నాకు తెలిసి అప్పటికీ ఇప్పటికీ రైతుల జీవితాలు ఏమీ మారలేదు. కాక పోతే ఎక్కువ డబ్బులు వస్తున్నాయి. అలాగే ఖర్చులు కూడా ఎక్కువ అయినాయి కదా. క్వింటాలు మిరపకాయ రూ. 250 – 500  కి అమ్మే వారు. ఒక సంవత్సరం పంట బాగా పండి మంచి రేటు వస్తే అందరూ అదే వేసే వారు. దాంతో రేటు పడిపోయి ఖర్చులు కూడా గిట్టుబాటు అయ్యేవి కావు. నష్టాలు వచ్చేవి. పొలాలు చాలా తక్కువ రేటు పలికేవి. ఎకరం రెండు మూడు వేలు కూడా వచ్చేది కాదు అమ్మితె. మేము పుట్టక ముందు 60-70  ఎకరాలు వున్డెదిట. నాకు తెలిసే సరికి ఆది 10  ఎకరాలే. మేము ముగ్గురం అన్నదమ్ములు ఒక అక్కా. నేను పుట్టక మునుపే మా అక్కగారు శ్రీమతి అనంత రుక్మిణి గారికి వివాహం అయింది. మా బావగారు కీర్తిశేశులు సోమరాజు అప్పారావు గారికి  అయిదుగురు అక్కా చెల్లెళ్ళు.  వారందరి బాధ్యతలూ ఆయనవే. బాగా ప్రేమాభిమానాలు కల మనిషి..  మా అన్నగారు కీర్తి శేషులు శ్రీ రామచంద్ర రావు గారు A G Office  లో పని చేసి పదవీ విరమణ చేసారెు. చదువు పట్ల, చదువు కునే పిల్లల పట్ల అభిమానం తో తరువాత కొంత కాలం విద్యాలయాల్లో ఆంగ్ల బోధన చెసెవారు.  దురదృష్ట వశాత్తు వారి కుమారుడు 40  సం. వయస్సులో హృద్రోగంతో చనిపొయినాడు. ఆ ఘటన తరువాత కొంత కాలానికి స్వల్ప అనారోగ్యంతో 2012  లో పరమ పదిన్చారు. మా తమ్ముడు చి. K L శ్రీనివాస రావు. ప్రభుత్వ సర్వీస్ లో ఉన్నాడు. మా అనాదమ్ములు ముగ్గురికి ఇద్దరు ఇద్దరు పిల్లలు. దేవుని దయ వల్ల అందరూ ( ఒక్కడు తప్ప) పిల్లా పాపాలతో సుఖంగా ఉన్నారు.

మళ్లీ మనం ముందు గా మాట్లాడుకున్న విషయానికి వద్దాము.

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Bihar Elections- Declaration of SOPs to people

Bihar Elections 2015.

Bihar Elections are approaching very fast. Instead of two groups they have finally formed three groups. I don’t understand, why all the opposition parties cannot come together to fight. Communist anyway don’t have any standing in Bihar. But they talk so big. What they can achieve. They can neither stop Congress nor BJP. They have to stand by the side of any one party. They supported Congress for so many years. On their own they can not get seats in any state now. Bengal is also a gone case for them now. They need to join hands with Congress to fight Mamta in next elections.

Who will believe JDU and RJD combination now. JDU fought the previous elections along with BJP and shared the power. Suddenly, Nitish took a U turn and pushed out BJP from the Government. How did he think he can stop BJP from selecting Modi as its leader, just because Nitish did not like it. Nor did he think he can become a candidate for the PM post. Who will support him. There are many stalwarts waiting for that coveted post. He has not only over estimated his popularity but also under estimated the BJP strength all over the Country, as Congress was suffering because lot of scams are coming out. He was fighting against this same Lalu Prasad Yadav all the last 10 years. How he became a good friend now . Where is the trust for the people. How can they believe this combination.   Now, see, he could not hold back Mulayam Singh till the elections at least. Mulayam has his own problem to work along with Congress. He can not afford to lose his party position in UP at any cost. 

BJP, is giving a big fight. Wants to win this elections and take revenge on Nitish Kumar for his betrayal. Very much interested to prove their strength, having won good number of MP seats in 2014 elections. Their prime trump card is “Modi” only. Nothing else. You have seen, Modi has declared Rs,1,25,000 crores package to Bihar just before the declarations of elections. Everybody knows that elections are approaching. Why did they given that package. No great secret. Only to lure the people of Bihar. If it is not for the purpose  of elections, they did not given such packages to any other state. But, now a days the Public, we know, the  voters have become very intelligent. They know who is their real friends to believe and who are not. When Modi declared that package, Nitish did not welcome it. Even though it is beneficial for his own state, he doesn’t want the credit to go to BJP or Modi. He just criticized without welcoming it. Will he not ask for that amount in case he wins this elections and become the Chief Minister of Bihar once again. He will very much demand for that amount. Both these groups are promising many benefits to Biharis. Congress is just trying to show its existence with the help of RJD and JDU. They have anyway no chance of betterment. All the groups promise to give away  so much. How they give and what they give, we have to see. 

Here I have one doubt. Why these parties are declaring so many benefits to the people just at the time of elections. It happened in many state elections. Every party says they will write off the farmers loans. Why should they do only for farmers. They can as well write off the housing loans, personal loans, vehicle loans also. After all we are also voting in the elections.  What is the sin made by us. As long as these parties play this kind of tricks people avoid paying loans. How the banks will operate then. Find out, what is the problem of the farmers to clear their loans. Go to the gross root and find out the real cause. Not just declaring some benefits. This gives wrong signals to the people. They do not want to repay the loans, even when they can repay also. Because they know, the other party coming to power in the next Government will clear their loans.  What they need to do is to fix the price for farm products. The farmers are the only community who are unable to fix and sell their products as they find proper. In this case the middle men are making money and farmers are losing while the consumers are paying high price.

This has to be changed. Let the farmers get their price for their products.  Give them fertilzers at subsidised rates. Let the Banks get the loans repaid by the farmers alone. Let the Farmers self respected persons not live at the mercy of political parties. We respect our farmers. They produce food for us.  

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